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Post-Quantum Security for the Internet of Things

Cryptographic Security Technology

SecureRF provides quantum-resistant cryptographic security solutions for a variety of applications.

SecureRF Corporation was founded around our patented asymmetric security protocol, the first known linear-based method, which boasts a processing speed hundreds of times faster than any other commercially available security method on the market today.

SecureRF’s cryptographic technology, powered by our Group Theoretic Cryptography-based engine, provides a variety of security functions including authentication, data protection, and encryption and decryption security protocols.

The small, low-powered devices which are the end points of the Internet of Things can use our IoT security technology – it fits within their operating constraints. With the advent of quantum computers there are additional threats to classic cryptographic protocols used on all types of computing platforms. Our post-quantum cryptography solutions can also secure larger devices where these threats are a concern.

We initially created our own line of secure RFID tags, then expanded our line of secure tags and sensors across multiple wireless protocols.
We also created an IoT authentication and anti-counterfeiting solution called Veridify.

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