Secure Wireless Sensors

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Security for Actuators and Wireless Sensors

The Problem

As technology improves, computing platforms and devices of the 21st century, such as sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and embedded CPUs, are getting smaller. To achieve a reduced
size these platforms are designed with a limited capacity to process, store, or power the computations. These devices, sensors and objects are being deployed, given digital identities, and connected to the Internet in new and different ways, unimagined when they were initially created. As their usage and numbers increase, the need for security and privacy becomes a critical factor for both market adoption and safety.

Our Solutions

Security Tool Kit – SecureRF’s technology provides authentication and data protection for today’s wireless sensors and actuators. With our Security Tool Kits, you can add our cryptographic protocols to your wireless sensors, actuators and embedded devices.

The LIME Tag NY01 NFC Tag with Temperature Sensor – SecureRF has developed a Near Field Communication (NFC) secure wireless sensor solution that includes our authentication and encryption protocols. The LIME Tag NY01 is a secure Near Field Communication (NFC) battery-assisted tag with temperature logging that can be read with SecureRF’s Veridify app on a NFC-enabled Smartphone. The LIME Tag NY01 is designed for logistics and cold chain applications where temperature verification needs to happen without the overhead or expense of commercial RFID readers.

The LIME Tag UY01 RFID Tag with Sensors – SecureRF has developed our own secure battery-assisted passive (BAP) RFID tag that provides temperature monitoring and the ability to monitor four additional sensors. Our secure Lime Tag UY01 also provides authentication, validation and data protection to ensure the secure wireless sensor data cannot be read or changed by unauthorized parties. The Lime Tag UY01 features tamper-proof read/write data storage as well as extended user memory that can be encrypted. This user-controlled memory enables the onboard collection of a wide range of information including sensor data, maintenance records, or other supply chain records.

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Your Benefits

Unique data protection and encryption features prevents data tampering and makes every tag, sensor or device untraceable and un-cloneable to ensure integrity and privacy. Custom designs and form-factors are available to address your secure wireless sensor needs. Ultra-low energy security methods extend the battery life.

Our secure wireless sensors can store data such as product name, manufacturer, expiration date, serial number and lot number. Tags with temperature sensor are designed for cold chain management; the product temperature is monitored, recorded at the set interval and then available for review.

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