Securing Machine to Machine Communications

Cryptographic tools for your IoT devices

Securing the Internet of Things

The Problem

The low-power devices used in Machine to Machine (M2M) communications exchange information and perform actions directly with each other. These actuators, sensors and other devices are embedded in everything from industrial tools and medical devices to buildings and automobiles. These devices and machines are being connected to the Internet at a staggering rate and will approach 50 billion “connected devices” by 2020. Security and privacy are now critical factors in the successful introduction and acceptance. These M2M devices, which are often the end points in the Internet of Things, may require ultra low-power operations and run at very low clock speeds, thus imposing formidable restrictions on security options because traditional cryptographic protocols are too computationally intensive to fit on these devices.

Our Solutions

SecureRF’s foundational security protocols addresses the critical security needs of resource-constrained embedded and M2M devices within the IoT that require strong, but lightweight encryption and irrefutable authentication. Our patented Group Theoretic Cryptography methods offers the first known linear-based security protocol – nearly one hundred times faster than any other commercially available security method on the market today. Our security tool kits are ideal for FPGAs, ASICs MCUs and other low-resource platforms and will make your devices smart and secure in the Internet of Things.

Your Benefits

Using industry-standard protocols and our proprietary technology, our secure solutions for M2M devices and the IoT deliver the highest performance authentication, privacy, integrity, and non-repudiation available today. Fast, ultra-low power cryptographic tools easily embed into your IoT devices without altering your standard platforms currently in use.

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