A Secure Solution for Cold Chain Management

SecureRF's line of secure RFID and NFC tags with temperature sensors

Secure Tags Can Monitor and Record Data for the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

The Problem

Proper handling throughout all aspects of the supply chain, from manufacturers to distributors to suppliers to packagers, is increasingly critical to ensuring the safety and quality of temperature-sensitive, high value pharmaceuticals and foods. The quality, freshness and shelf life of these products is greatly impacted by the temperature and humidity levels at which they are shipped and stored. For products such as biologicals, produce, fresh seafood, ice cream and other frozen or temperature sensitive food and drugs, cold chain management must be used through the distribution and logistics process.

Our Solution

SecureRF has its own line of RFID and NFC tags with temperature sensors for cold chain management.

  • The LIME Tag UY01 is a secure battery-assisted passive (BAP) RFID tag with Onboard Security that is EPCglobal Class 1, Gen 2 compliant, and includes a temperature sensor and up to 4 additional sensing devices that uses commercial UHF readers.
  • The LIME Tag NY01 is a secure Near Field Communication (NFC) battery-assisted tag with temperature logging that can be read with SecureRF’s Veridify app on a NFC-enabled Smartphone.

Your Benefits

The LIME Tag’s cold chain management functions address issues faced by the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and other industries whose products must be maintained within a set temperature range. The tags monitor and securely record the temperature history at an interval ranging from once a minute to just once a day and then provide a reporting mechanism via the Veridify solution.

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