Tags and Sensors

The secure LIME Tag family of tags and sensors

Wireless Sensors, Tags and Smart Cards

Identification, Authentication and Data Protection

Easily monitor, track and maintain your assets with our LIME Tag family of tags and sensors. Designed to fit a wide range of commercial, consumer, and defense applications, our tags will make your products smart and secure in the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Unique data protection and encryption features, available on every LIME Tag, prevents data tampering and makes every tag untraceable and un-cloneable
  • Custom designs and form-factors to address your secure sensor needs
  • Security protocols deliver superior protection by providing unique session keys for every interaction
  • Ultra-low-energy security methods extend the battery life of sensor tags
  • All stored and transmitted tag data is encrypted to ensure integrity and privacy
  • Common security architecture supports wide range of RF protocols including NFC, RFID, BLE, and 433Mhz


Tags and Sensors

LIME Tag NX01 NFC Tag, Passive
LIME Tag NY01 NFC Sensor Tag, Battery-Assisted
LIME Tag MY A Multi-Protocol Sensor Tag
LIME Tag BY Bluetooth Sensor Tag, Battery-Assisted
LIME Tag UY UHF Sensor Tag, Battery-assisted

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Arrow Chameleon96 Community Board

The Chameleon96 Community Board from Arrow Electronics features our quantum-resistant cryptographic protocols for deploying fast, ultra-low-energy authentication and data protection solutions. The Chameleon96 includes Intel’s Cyclone V SoC FPGA, which combines the performance of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with the flexibility of programmable logic. It is also fully-compliant to the Linaro 96Boards open platform specification. Learn more

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