Security Tool Kits

Ultra-Low Power, Fast and Small Footprint Cryptographic Tools for the IoT

Security Tool Kits for IoT Devices

Building secure IoT devices is tough. You want to integrate a strong security solution but need to meet your timeline and budget. The challenge is magnified by constrained memory footprints, low communications bandwidth and power/energy management needs.

Our hardware and software development tools address these issues and are easily integrated into your new or existing platforms. Our SDKs and hardware kits are ideal for FPGAs, ASICs MCUs and other low-resource platforms and will make your devices smart and secure in the Internet of Things.

  • Fast, ultra-low power post-quantum cryptographic tools, backed by the surety of the Veridify Certification Network, easily embed into your IoT devices
  • Software libraries to run on all IoT 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit embedded processors everywhere
  • Enable higher levels of security without altering your standard platforms currently in use
  • Suitable for FPGAs, ASICs, and other low resource platforms including the ARM Cortex processors
  • Manage your smart secure endpoints with smartphone application integration
  • Smart connectivity via AMBA AHB 3.0 lite peripherals enables integration into your Cortex-M* designs in minutes
  • For traditional crypto, our NSB core covers every AES mode from ECB to GCM, ECC curve P256 and full support for the NSA Suite B.
  • All SecureRF cryptographic primitives are Quantum-resistant.

Software Security Tool Kits

IoT Embedded SDK Pre-compiled C and assembly language routines that implement SecureRF’s quantum-resistant cryptographic key agreement and digital signature functions. Ideally suited for any low resource platform with wired, NFC, Bluetooth, cellular, and other wireless connectivity. For microcontrollers and FPGA hard/soft processor cores.
Veridify Android SDK Enables rapid development of your own Android apps that work with SecureRF-powered tags and IoT endpoints.
Veridify Windows SDK Easy to use Java-callable C language routines running on Windows that implement SecureRF’s cryptographic functions.
SecureRF Certificate Authority Access to SecureRF’s trusted key signing and key lookup backend infrastructure.

Hardware Security Tool Kits

Ironwood KAP Core Hardware implementation of Ironwood Key Agreement Protocol for FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs.
WalnutDSA Verify Core Hardware implementation of WalnutDSA signature verification for FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs.
Ironwood KAP Custom Instruction Kit Ironwood Key Agreement Protocol with hardware acceleration for Altera and Codasip Codix target devices.
WalnutDSA Custom Instruction Kit WalnutDSA with hardware acceleration for Altera and Codix target devices.
Mahogany Authentication Core Hardware implementation of SecureRF’s ultra low energy key exchange-based authentication protocol.
Mahogany Core for Microsemi SmartFusion
Suite B Comprehensive set of NSA Suite B cryptographic protocols implemented in digital logic for FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs.

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