Ironwood Key Agreement Protocol (KAP)

Ultra-Fast, Low-Energy, Quantum-Resistant Key Agreement Protocol

Ironwood KAP

Ironwood KAP is a Diffie-Hellman-like authentication protocol that establishes a shared secret between two parties. A CMAC of the shared secret (combined with a nonce for replay protection) is used to mutually authenticate the parties, and can also be used as an encryption/decryption key to protect data that is transmitted between them.

The Ironwood Core delivers over 30 times more efficient performance than current security solutions like Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) by utilizing SecureRF’s breakthrough Group Theoretic algorithm—the world’s first linear-in-time method. Additionally, due to the linear characteristics of the Ironwood Core, even greater efficiency over ECC is attained at higher security levels.

  • Key Features
    • 30 times faster than ECC at 128-bit security level (ECC 256)
    • Higher efficiency as security levels are increased
    • Integration with existing asymmetric and symmetric methods
    • Core suitable for FPGAs, ASICs, and other low-resource platforms including the ARM Cortex-M processor family
  • Specifications
    • Gate count as implemented in a 65 nm CMOS process: 20,000 typical gate utilization
    • Cycle count to compute shared secret at
      128- bit security level: < 10,000 cycles
    • FPGA resource utilization, Xilinx xc7z010
      • Slice LUTs: 7,122
      • Slice Registers: 2,324
  • Sample Implementation: Altera 5CSEA4 Cyclone V
    • Shared secret calculation: 800 μS @50MHz
    • HPS code size: 1,636 bytes
    • Logic Elements: 6,093 (15.2% of 5CSEA4)
    • Registers: 2,911 (4.8% of 5CSEA4)

The Ironwood Core’s efficiencies in timing, energy consumption, and reduced footprint enable higher levels of security without altering your current platforms—making the Ironwood Core ideal for many devices found in the Internet of Things (IoT) including:

  • Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)
  • Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs)
  • Add-ons to the ARM Cortex-M, RISC-V, and Codasip Codix processor families

IoT devices and FPGA provisioned with Ironwood








Refer to SecureRF’s technical papers for more information.

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