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SecureRF to Launch IoT Security Solution for Low-Resource RISC-V Devices at 5th RISC-V Workshop

SecureRF CTO to Present at RISC-V Event

November 28, 2016

Until now, design engineers working with low-resource variants of RISC-V processors have been unable to implement asymmetric (public-key) cryptography to secure these devices due to size and performance limitations. SecureRF announced commercial availability of its WalnutDSA digital signature algorithm and Ironwood key agreement protocol for processors based on the RISC-V instruction set, making it possible to secure even the smallest RISC-V-based devices.

SecureRF is offering WalnutDSA and Ironwood as part of its IoT Embedded Security Development Kit (SDK). Readers may request the SDK in person from any SecureRF attendee at the 5th RISC-V Workshop or at

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Quantum-Resistant Public Key Security for Low-Resource IoT Devices at IDtechEx

SecureRF at IDtechEx Co-located Shows: Sensors USA / Internet of Things Applications USA

November 14, 2016

SecureRF Corporation, a provider of quantum-resistant security for low-resource Internet of Things devices, will be in Santa Clara on November 16-17, 2016. SecureRF will offer a free quantum-resistant embedded Security Development Kit for developers targeting the ARM’s most constrained processor cores (ARM Cortex -M0 and M3). SecureRF also will demonstrate the latest versions of its LIME Tags, a line of secure IoT sensors, tags, smartcards and connectivity platforms.

Louis Parks, CEO, is available for media interviews at the show or by telephone before or after the event.

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SecureRF To Offer Free Embedded Security Development Kit For ARM Cortex-M0 and -M3 at ARM TechCon 2016

Embedded Security Development Kit enables rapid implementation of quantum-resistant, Public-Key security on IoT devices

October 24, 2016

SecureRF will offer its quantum-resistant Security Development Kit to developers of ARM-based products that address ARM’s most constrained processor cores. Included in the free kit are routines to implement the company’s Ironwood key agreement protocol as well as its WalnutDSA digital signature verification algorithm, both running at 128-bit security levels. Attendees of ARM TechCon 2016 may visit SecureRF at booth #216 for demonstrations and to request their Security Development Kit.

Those not attending ARM TechCon 2016 can request the embedded security development kit.

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SecureRF Paper On Quantum-Resistant Digital Signature Algorithm Accepted For NIST Lightweight Cryptography Workshop

October 17, 2016
SecureRF, a leading provider of quantum-resistant security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), will be presenting its paper, Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm: A lightweight, quantum-resistant signature scheme for use in passive, low-power, and IoT devices at the NIST Lightweight Cryptographic Workshop 2016 being held October 17 & 18, 2016 at NIST headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD.
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Jens Paetau Joins SecureRF as Vice President, Business Development

September 29, 2016.
SecureRF has hired Jens Paetau as vice president, business development. He will lead West Coast sales of IoT security solutions for low power devices. Paetau brings more than 25 years experience in complex semiconductor and firmware sales to the team and will spearhead sales initiatives with chip manufacturers, foundries, and their top-tier customers.


SecureRF to Sponsor Industrial IoT University at Sensors Midwest

September 27, 2016

Secure RF will be participating at Industrial IoT University, Sept. 28, 2016, at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. SecureRF CEO Louis Parks to present workshop on security options for low-resource Industrial IoT devices.

The live event features one full day of technical presentations from experts on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) industry aimed at designers of IIoT products and systems. The program consists of lectures and tutorials ranging from communication protocols and security to predictive maintenance of IIoT platforms.


SecureRF to Demonstrate Secure IoT Sensor and Connectivity Platform, Advanced Credentialing Solution at Sensors Expo 2016

June 22, 2016

SecureRF today announced that it will demonstrate its recently-revealed multi-protocol LIME Tag MY01 secure IoT sensor and connectivity platform at this week’s Sensors Expo 2016 the largest U.S. conference and technology exhibition dedicated exclusively to sensors and sensor-integrated technology.

Securing the growing types of sensors and low-resource devices deployed in the Internet of Things (IoT) is a significant challenge, stated SecureRF CEO, Louis Parks. Sensors Expo provides users with a unique opportunity to see demonstrations of our Public-Key Security solutions for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit processors running NFC, BLE, and RFID devices, and speak with our IoT security experts. Together with our smartphone apps, secure cloud dashboard, software development kits, and tools, LIME Tags enable rapid deployment and deliver critical security and privacy.


Codasip and SecureRF Demonstrate RISC-V Compliant Codix IP for Secure IoT Applications

June 6, 2016

Codasip a leading provider of Application Specific Instruction-set Processor (ASIP) IP, and SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for IoT devices, announced they will be demonstrating a RISC-V based processor that has been optimized to run IoT security applications at DAC (Austin, TX June 6-8, Booth #1113) and the RISC-V Workshop (Cambridge, MA July 12-13).


SecureRF Announces Multi-Mode Sensor LIME Tag for the IoT, and an Update to its Credentialing Solution

March 30, 2016

SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today the availability of a new sensor LIME Tag (MY01) with Cellular, BLE, classic Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity. The company also announced an updated credential and smartcard LIME Tag (NX01) supporting Public Key Infrastructure, symmetric encryption features, and multiple file support.


  • New MY01 LIME Tag provides integrated Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), classic Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity on single platform with security and sensors
    MY01 utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for identification/authentication and symmetric security for on tag data protection
  • Integrates with Veridify Internet of Things (IoT) cloud based platform for real time visibility and monitoring
  • LIME Tag Credential and Smartcard (NX01) updated with symmetric encryption features to its Public Key authentication and access controls
  • NX01 now supports multiple data files with customizable read/write access controls
  • Smartphone Apps, software development kits, and supporting applications available for rapid deployment of all LIME Tags
  • Custom designs and form factors to address your secure sensor needs

SecureRF Announces Veridify, a Cloud based Platform and Application Suite Delivering Public Key Infrastructure to Tags and Devices in the IoT

March 24, 2016

SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things, announced today the availability of Veridify, a cloud based platform delivering Public Key Infrastructure for devices, sensors and tags in the IoT. 


  • Provides Cloud, PC, Reader, and Smartphone Apps for rapid solution deployment
  • Supports credentials, supply chain, brand protection, and device management
  • Public Key Infrastructure supports multiple device types including passive tags, sensors and  actuators
  • Item level identification, authentication and data protection for products and brands
  • Real time visibility and chain of custody functions for high value products and supply chains
  • Secure sensors and tags available for immediate use or build your own 
  • Additional features include location, sensor data collection, and messaging
  • Demonstration and evaluation kit/software available now

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