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Internet of Things Developers Conference 2017

April 26, 2017 - April 27, 2017

We are exhibiting at the Internet of Things Developers Conference (IoT DevCon 2017) t the Santa Clara Convention Center. Come see us at Table 9.
IoT DevCon is designed for IoT product developers, engineers and managers. The leading-edge keynotes, tech talks and panels (50 total sessions), in addition to the IoT product showcase from over 40 top companies exhibiting, will welcome the 1,500+ expected attendees.
Lunch is provided both days and there is a networking reception on April 26.

More info is at the IoT DevCon website.

2017 Sensors Expo & Conference

June 28, 2017 - June 30, 2017

SecureRF is exhibiting Sensors Expo at Booth 821. Join us in San Jose, CA.
More information is on the Sensors Expo website.

ARM TechCon 2017

October 24, 2017 - October 26, 2017

SecureRF is exhibiting in Santa Clara, CA in booth # 105.
Securing IoT devices has become one of the most important aspects of development and deployment. With the NSA suggesting to not use Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for new designs due to ECC’s susceptibility to quantum attacks, useful algorithms in constrained devices are now limited. An alternative cryptographic solution for that can fit on ARM processors is needed. Come see how our Kayawood Key Agreement Protocol and Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm implementations for ARM processors can enable quantum-resistant key agreement and digital signatures without egregious performance degradation or energy consumption.
More info is at the ARM TechCon website.

Press Releases

SecureRF to Launch IoT Security Solution for Low-Resource RISC-V Devices at 5th RISC-V Workshop

SecureRF CTO to Present at RISC-V Event November 28, 2016 Until now, design engineers working with low-resource variants of RISC-V processors have been unable to implement asymmetric (public-key) cryptography to secure these devices due to size and performance limitations. SecureRF announced commercial availability of its WalnutDSA digital signature algorithm and Ironwood key agreement protocol for processors based on the RISC-V instruction set, making it possible […]

Quantum-Resistant Public Key Security for Low-Resource IoT Devices at IDtechEx

SecureRF at IDtechEx Co-located Shows: Sensors USA / Internet of Things Applications USA November 14, 2016 SecureRF Corporation, a provider of quantum-resistant security for low-resource Internet of Things devices, will be in Santa Clara on November 16-17, 2016. SecureRF will offer a free quantum-resistant embedded Security Development Kit for developers targeting the ARM’s most constrained processor cores (ARM Cortex -M0 and M3). SecureRF also will […]

SecureRF To Offer Free Embedded Security Development Kit For ARM Cortex-M0 and -M3 at ARM TechCon 2016

Embedded Security Development Kit enables rapid implementation of quantum-resistant, Public-Key security on IoT devices October 24, 2016 SecureRF will offer its quantum-resistant Security Development Kit to developers of ARM-based products that address ARM’s most constrained processor cores. Included in the free kit are routines to implement the company’s Ironwood key agreement protocol as well as its WalnutDSA digital signature verification algorithm, both running at 128-bit […]


Six IoT Security Predictions

Published February 18, 2017 by SecureRF in IoT Security

These IoT security predictions are based on our experiences throughout the past year, as well as our observations of consumer behavior and the IoT marketplace in general. While there are some clear trends that we predict will gather momentum, the future of IoT security has some uncertainties that are also discussed below. New, Unexpected Things in the Internet of Things Will Increase Security Breaches There […]

Webinar Replay Available: Rapidly Securing Constrained IoT Devices

Published February 16, 2017 by SecureRF in Internet of Things, News & Events

Security is critical for most IoT devices. However, these constrained devices are often deployed with inadequate security because most data protection and authentication solutions are too resource-intensive. View our on-demand webinar to hear how you can secure low-resource IoT devices within a couple of days using asymmetric cryptography methods that do not overwhelm available memory and power, and do not require a network connection or […]

Webinar Replay Available: Quantum-resistant Cryptography for the IoT

Published January 31, 2017 by SecureRF in Cryptography, News & Events

Customer concerns related to IoT security are becoming more prevalent as IoT moves into the mainstream. However, many companies involved in the production of low-resource IoT devices driven by 32-, 16- and even 8-bit processors are not able to implement contemporary security solutions with acceptable runtime and resource allocation. This on-demand webinar is a special opportunity to hear one of our founders, Dr. Iris Anshel, explain […]

In the News

Grand View Research on IoT Warehouse Management

January 2017 Grand View Research has published a IoT Warehouse Management report which includes a section on SecureRF. The full title is “Internet of Things (IoT) in Warehouse Management Market Analysis By Solution (Warehouse Automation, Workforce Management, Inventory Management, EDI, Tracking), By Device (Sensing Devices, Gateways), By Service, And Segment Forecasts, 2014 – 2025.” The global IoT warehouse management market was valued at USD 2.27 […]

70+ Startups Securing IoT, Cars, And Critical Infrastructure In One Market Map

December 6, 2016 CB Insights lists 78 Cybersecurity startups on the front lines of IoT/IIoT protection and then maps them by category. “As internet-connected hardware proliferates, there’s been a corresponding rise in cyber security threats, with malicious hackers using these new digital entry points to infiltrate and disrupt systems. In turn, startups focused on securing the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of […]

Improving the security of resource-constrained devices in IoT

December 1, 2016 Stacey Higginbotham, a blogger about chips, broadband and the internet of all the things, discusses a report out from BITAG, the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group. She says “the report offers a big vote for encryption of data at all points of its progress. No data should be sent using clear text whether it’s location data for getting weather information or Wi-Fi […]

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