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SecureRF’s Recent Press Coverage and Recognition

SecureRF Security Library Achieves ISO 26262

From Embedded Computing Design: “SecureRF Corporation gained ISO 26262 certification for its advanced automotive security solutions that guarantee the highest levels of quality for protecting the growing number of processors used in today’s vehicles. The company’s solutions satisfy the most rigorous demands, achieving an Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) “D” from exida. This accreditation indicates that…

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IoT Security: Securing Resource-Constrained Devices

Derek Atkins, CTO at SecureRF, was interviewed by Embedded Computing Design Magazine about how to secure IoT-based devices and systems. He shared his insights on the difference between large systems and resource-constrained devices. “According to Atkins, the key to developing effective IoT security is to first consider a) who might want to compromise your system, b) what…

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SecureRF Joins Global Semiconductor Alliance and and IoT Security Working Group

SecureRF Corporation recently announced that it has joined the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) and accepted an invitation to participate on the IoT Security Working Group. SecureRF is a provider of security tools delivering identification, authentication, and data protection optimized for low-resource processors and embedded devices. “SecureRF is an acclaimed innovator in the industry addressing quantum…

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Celebrating IoTDay: How RISC-V Enables IoT Innovation

For the past two decades the Internet of Things (IoT), a term coined by MIT Auto-ID Lab Co-founder Kevin Ashton, has become one of the industry’s hottest buzzwords. With an ecosystem of consumer, commercial, industrial and infrastructure IoT applications, it seems that nearly everything around us is connected. The flexibility, extensibility and scalability of the…

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Research report on Global IoT Security Market

The CAGR of IoT Security Market is Estimated to Grow at 23.2% Over the Forecast Years (2019 – 2027), Owing to the Need for Preventing the Plethora of Consumer Data Breach Methods: Says Absolute Markets Insights According to new research report on Global IoT Security Market is projected to grow at a 23.2% of CAGR…

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A primer on quantum security

451 Research is establishing a new cross-discipline Center of Excellence for Quantum Technologies. In preparation, this report provides a beginner’s guide to quantum key exchange based on what Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance.’ The 451 Take Quantum key distribution guarantees the secure transmission of a key, but it is still susceptible to other attacks –…

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