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Does SecureRF belong in the Doghouse?

Published October 16, 2006 by SecureRF in Cryptography, Privacy, RFID Technology, RSA, Security

SecureRF Corporation replies to comments in the Schneier on Security blog. Not to our surprise, Bruce Schneier put SecureRF in the Doghouse in his October 9th blog. Bruce provides interesting views and opinions on his blog, often coming from brief observations or encounters with a security or privacy issue. Unfortunately he took the same brief approach here and chose to weigh-in with perhaps little […]

Will Loose Lips Sink Chips?

Published October 9, 2006 by SecureRF in Privacy, RFID, RFID Tag, RFID Technology, RSA, Security

The October 2006 issue of DC-Velocity magazine published a RFID 101 Technology Review column titled “Will loose lips sink chips?” by John R. Johnson, Executive Editor. Here is our feedback: We found this article to be a great overview of both the challenges and opportunities for passive RFID in item level tagging. We agree with most of Mr. Johnson’s overview of the market and […]

Workshop on RFID Security 2006

Published August 1, 2006 by SecureRF in Cryptography, Privacy, RFID, RFID Tag, RFID Technology, Security

Mike McGregor, VP of Engineering at SecureRF attended the Workshop on RFID Security 2006 in Graz, Austria and he filed this report. I traveled to beautiful Graz, Austria in July 2006 for The Workshop on RFID Security 2006. Although there was a relatively small audience (approximately 80 people, last year there was 60), it was clear that progress is being made in the area of […]

Welcome to the RFID Security Forum blog

Published July 16, 2006 by SecureRF in RFID, RFID Tag, RFID Technology, Security

Recent RFID security concerns have led to legislative action and disagreements about the suitability of RFID for a variety of applications including pharmaceutical, Homeland Security and Department of Defense. Many blogs have been posting RFID news, we wanted to provide commentary about these issues from a security standpoint. We welcome your comments and feedback. Editors Note: This blog was originally hosted by Google’s Blogger. It was […]

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