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Securing the Internet of Things®

Enabling Secure IoT Devices, Products and Applications

Complete security, privacy, authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions

We use industry-standard security in combination with our patented cryptographic protocols to protect and secure IoT devices. The company’s security methods provide the smallest and fastest solutions to small or embedded computing platforms where little or no security currently exists. We provide security solutions for battery-assisted, and active tags, wireless sensors, and embedded platforms including FPGAs, Microcontrollers, and ASICs based on a breakthrough in quantum-resistant, Public Key Cryptography that is computationally efficient, yet highly secure.

Applications include non-traditional payment systems, high-value supply chain management, cold chain management, and anti-counterfeiting applications in the pharmaceutical, consumer, defense, and homeland security sectors. Under the Veridify banner, the company delivers a comprehensive cloud-based IoT solution for quickly and easily giving devices and products a secure place in the Internet of Things.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how SecureRF’s technology can secure your IoT devices, products and applications.

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