Presentations and Webinars


View SecureRF’s webinars and technical presentations to learn about a variety of topics, including cryptography and embedded security. If you have any questions, our mathematician-cryptographers, developers, engineers, security leaders, and technology executives are here to help. Contact Us

Technical Presentations

  • "Security Essentials for IoT Product Developers," Louis Parks (CEO, SecureRF) and Derek Atkins (CTO, SecureRF), Intel Global IoT DevFest, November 7, 2017. Access the Presentation
  • "A Light-Weight, Quantum-Resistant IoT Authentication Solution," Derek Atkins (CTO, SecureRF), Connect Security World 2017, September 26, 2017. Access the Presentation
  • "The Challenges of Securing and Authenticating Embedded Devices and a Suggested Approach for RISC-V," Derek Atkins (CTO, SecureRF), 5th RISC-V Workshop, Google, November 29-30, 2016. – Access the Presentation
  • "Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm: A Lightweight, Quantum-Resistant Signature Scheme for Use in Passive, Low-Power, and IoT Devices," Derek Atkins (CTO, SecureRF), NIST Lightweight Cryptography Workshop 2016, October 18, 2016. — Access the Presentation
  • "A Lightweight, Highly Performant Public Key Exchange," Derek Atkins (CTO, SecureRF), Crypto 2015 Rump Session, 35th International Cryptology Conference, August 18, 2015 – Access the Presentation
  • "Algebraic Eraser: A Lightweight, Efficient Asymmetric Key Agreement Protocol for Use in No-Power, Low-Power, and IoT Devices," Derek Atkins and Paul E. Gunnells, NIST Lightweight Cryptography Workshop 2015, July 20-21, 2015. – Access the Presentation
  • "The Algebraic Eraser: A Linear Asymmetric Protocol for Low-Resource Environments," Derek Atkins (CTO, SecureRF), IETF-92 CFRG: The Internet Engineering Task Force Crypto Forum Research Group, March 25, 2015. – Access the Presentation
  • "The Arti Feistel-Symmetric Cipher," Presentation to Center for Communications Research (CCR), Dr. Dorian Goldfeld, November 7, 2014. Access the Presentation


  • Ask the IoT Security Experts: How to Protect and Update Your Firmware in a Dangerous World, April 2019 - Access the Webinar
  • Renesas RL78 MCU and SecureRF: Securing Ultra Low-Power MCUs at the Edge of the IoT, December 2018 - Access the Webinar
  • How to Design Future-Proof Security for Your IoT Devices, May 2018 – Access the Webinar
  • IoT Security for Constrained Devices: A Conversation with the Experts at SecureRF, July 2017Access the Webinar
  • Rapid Implementation of Data Protection and Authentication Solutions for Constrained IoT Devices, February 2017 – Access the Webinar
  • Quantum-Resistant Cryptography for the IoT: A Technical Deep Dive on the Mathematics Behind SecureRF’s Solutions, December 2016 – Access the Webinar
  • How to Keep Smart Things Secure: Latest Tools for IoT Authentication and Data Protection, November 2016 – Access the Webinar