Fast, Compact, Ultra-Low-Power
Cryptographic Tools


Quickly and easily embed our fast, small-footprint, ultra-low-power cryptographic solutions in your IoT devices. Our hardware and software development tools are easily integrated into new or existing platforms. Our SDKs and hardware kits are ideal for FPGAs, ASICs, microcontrollers, and other low-resource platforms deployed in the IoT.

Software Security Toolkits

  • IoT Embedded Security SDK — Pre-compiled C and assembly language routines that implement our quantum-resistant cryptographic key agreement and digital signature functions
  • Android SDK — Rapidly develop apps that work with SecureRF-powered tags and IoT endpoints
  • Windows SDK — Easy to use Java-callable C language routines that implement our cryptographic functions
  • SecureRF Certificate Authority — Access our trusted key signing and key lookup back-end infrastructure

Hardware Security Toolkits

  • Ironwood KAPTM Core — Hardware implementation for FPGAs, SoCs, and ASICs
  • WalnutDSATM Verify Core — Hardware implementation for FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs
  • Ironwood KAPTM Custom Instruction Kit  — Includes hardware acceleration
  • Mahogany KAPTM Authentication Core — Hardware implementation of ultra-low-energy key exchange-based authentication protocol (Mahogany Core for Microsemi SmartFusion)
  • Suite B — Comprehensive set of NSA Suite B cryptographic protocols implemented in digital logic for FPGAs, SoCs, and ASICs

Ready to secure your solution? Request a SecureRF IoT Embedded SDK. SecureRF’s engineering team, prototype lab, and cryptographers can assist you. Contact Us