A blog with comments from SecureRF about anti-counterfeiting and supply chain risk management, along with security and privacy issues related to NFC, Radio Frequency Identification, embedded systems and other low-resource computing devices and the Internet of Things.

SecureRF Honored for Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Innovations for the Internet of Things

SecureRF Corporation was recognized by The Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) for delivering the most advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions for high-value products in both the commercial and defense sectors. The “SINET 16″ winners are “best-of-class” security companies addressing industry and government’s most… (Continue Reading)

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Recruiting at the College Level – Advice for Students

Last week SecureRF had the opportunity to participate in a career fair sponsored by the University of Connecticut’s School of Engineering. There were 60 firms participating that day plus another 60 who attended another fair earlier in the month. The… (Continue Reading)

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How Big is Your Key?

In providing cryptography solutions for wireless sensors and other devices in the Internet of Things we are often asked, “Can the encryption be cracked?” We think this is the wrong question to ask when evaluating a cipher. Rather, we feel… (Continue Reading)

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#IoTChat: Internet of Things Twittersphere Chats Evolve

In exactly 24 hours we’ll start the first #IoTChat! Aug 6, 11am PT / 2pm ET – A new discussion on #IoT! — InternetofThings (@Cisco_IoT) August 5, 2014   #IoTChat is Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) community discussion on Twitter… (Continue Reading)

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“Security Is Not Just Encrypting Data…”

When I meet people and they ask me what my company does, the dialogue in 2010 often used to go like this: Them: “What do you do?” Me: “My company provides security solutions for wireless sensors and RFID.” Them: “Oh,… (Continue Reading)

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