Articles related to security and privacy solutions for NFC, RFID, embedded systems and other low-resource computing devices–keeping products smart and secure in the Internet of Things. 

SecureRF Announces Multi-Mode Sensor LIME Tag™ for the IoT, and an Update to its Credentialing Solution

New MY01 LIME Tag provides integrated Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), classic Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity on single platform with security and sensors MY01 utilizes Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) for identification, authentication and symmetric security for on-tag data… (Continue Reading)

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SecureRF Announces Veridify®, a Cloud‐based Platform and Application Suite Delivering Public‐Key Infrastructure to Tags and Devices in the IoT

SecureRF announces the availability of Veridify, a cloud‐based platform delivering Public‐Key Infrastructure for devices, sensors and tags in the IoT. Veridify includes PC, reader, and smartphone Apps featuring strong identification, authentication, and data protection that enable the rapid deployment of… (Continue Reading)

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SecureRF CEO, Louis Parks Talks Security Solutions in the IoT with IDTechEx

IDTechEx‬ interviewed SecureRF CEO, Louis Parks at the Sensors USA and Internet of Things Applications USA conferences.They discussed security and privacy solutions for the smallest devices on the Internet of Things including wireless sensors (Bluetooth LE/Smart), ARM Cortex M0/M0+/M3/M4 processors,… (Continue Reading)

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SecureRF and RFID Experts Group Among the Highlights of AIM 2015 Year in Review

SecureRF is a proud member of AIM, a global association focused on the standards in barcode, RFID, RAIN, RTLS, NFC and mobile computing and its impact in the IoT. Today, AIM released the “2015 | Year in Review – Innovation & Technology… (Continue Reading)

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Patient, Heal Thy Quantified Self
Security Solutions for Wearable and Non-Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Smartwatches, smartglasses, smartwear are everywhere…or, should we say ‘everyware’. It’s a ubicomp world where endless amounts of data based on our quantified self is attainable in real time thanks to the Internet of Things. And while knowing the number of steps we took today, can be important to a person, the leak or interruption of such information isn’t exactly life-threatening...(Continue Reading)

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