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Patient, Heal Thy Quantified Self
Security Solutions for Wearable and Non-Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Smartwatches, smartglasses, smartwear are everywhere…or, should we say ‘everyware’. It’s a ubicomp world where endless amounts of data based on our quantified self is attainable in real time thanks to the Internet of Things. And while knowing the number of steps we took today, can be important to a person, the leak or interruption of such information isn’t exactly life-threatening...(Continue Reading)

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Message to Products in the IoT: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

With the record breaking year of data breaches in 2015, it’s safe to say that many businesses have developed an adequate understanding of the vital need for cybersecurity on products or devices. Then why are so many businesses still only… (Continue Reading)

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SecureRF Newsletter, “Plaintext” January 2016

Our January ’16 newsletter, “Plaintext” is out, featuring news & notes about the security industry, company updates, and more. Read all about the ways we work to make products smart and secure in the IoT. Read all about it in “Plaintext”.  

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Securing the ‘IoS’ – the Internet of Sensors

The Internet of Things is talking loud and clear…and nearly anyone can listen. Sensors are on almost everything —from cars, refrigerators and wearables, to a town’s streetlights, water supply systems and air quality tracking devices. People’s lives are made easier… (Continue Reading)

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SecureRF Collaborates with University at Buffalo Mathematics Doctoral Students to Study Algebraic Eraser

SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things, announces their participation in an innovative research program for math Ph.D. candidates with the University at Buffalo. This collaboration is supported by a $600,000 grant from the National… (Continue Reading)

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